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Introducing a New Era of Additive Manufacturing

Adaptability and flexibility are necessary tools in today’s ever-changing markets. The operational resiliency achieved through additive manufacturing can empower your business to continue and recover regardless of what’s happening in the world. At Xerox Elem Additive Solutions we are creating hardware and software solutions that that make it easier for our customers to integrate additive manufacturing into their operations and make on-demand manufacturing a reality today. Welcome to the future of additive manufacturing.

Xerox® ElemX 3D printer

On Demand Manufacturing. Simpler, Safer, Stronger.

Gallery of 3D Printed Parts

View a selection of 3D printed parts from the ElemX liquid metal 3D printer. Just a few examples of how additive manufacturing is optimizing the product lifecycle.

Production-Grade Parts Printed in Hours YouTube Video

ElemX Resources and Additional Information

Access more detailed information on the ElemX printer, including product specifications, material data sheets, design guides and safety documentation.

Xerox Elem Navigator

Introducing the Elem Navigator digital manufacturing software

Can I print it? Should I print it?

The Elem Navigator digital manufacturing software platform aggregates generations of machine shop expertise giving you a manufacturing expert on demand.

Elem Navigator Digital Manufacturing Software YouTube Video

Xerox in the News

U.S. Navy partners with Xerox for 3D printing research, installs Xerox ElemX 3D printer

With the military supply chain being among the most complex in the world, the U.S. Navy collaborated with Xerox to explore how 3D printing can transform supply chain management for its deployed forces.

In-depth Insights: Liquid Metal Printing Technology Report

Request a copy of the In-depth Insights report on Xerox’s 3D liquid metal printing technology.

Expert Insights

Layered: The Business of Additive Manufacturing

In Layered, a video podcast brought to you by Xerox, host Todd Grimm discusses the promising and exciting future of additive manufacturing (AM) with industry experts

Inside Xerox® Elem Additive Solutions

Meet the team behind Xerox Elem Additive Solutions, their roles, and what excites them most about the future of additive manufacturing.

Man using touchscreen monitor in a warehouse

Additive or Conventional Manufacturing? That is the Question

3D printing investment decisions require quantitative and qualitative assessments of manufacturing options. Decision-makers need comprehensive and unbiased tools.

Woman in a hard hat in a warehouse, using a tablet

Smart Manufacturing: Orchestrating Your Response To Changing Conditions

Today more than ever, manufacturers must produce short-run and custom goods, on-demand, and in uncertain conditions.

3D printing in your supply chain: Ingenuity, elasticity, resiliency

Pete Basiliere shares insights on how 3D printing reduces logistical costs and shortens delivery times.

Xerox ElemX 3D Printer

Metal 3D Printer Selection Begins with the End in Mind

Pete Basiliere talks about how the choice of 3D printing technology, whether using plastics, composites, or metals, begins with the end in mind.

Elem Additive Events

The team from Elem Additive is regularly out at industry and trade events throughout the world. Check out what we have going on and learn more about our additive manufacturing solutions.

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Learn how Xerox can enable greater flexibility and resiliency to your supply chain.

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Introducing the Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence YouTube Video

Introducing the Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence