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Automate Your Workflow. Optimize Your Day.

Job Management

Automating processes across your entire fleet to get jobs in and out of your shop is essential to productivity — it can improve the quality of your output as well. With faster turnaround times and less room for error, you'll be able to bring in more work and grow your business.

Featured Solutions

Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

Automation and integration for your entire print workflow. On-premise or in the Cloud.

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An all-in-one tool that helps you seamlessly plan, execute and track cross-channel efforts.

Complete More Projects & Reduce Your Costs

XMPie software for the retail industry YouTube Video

XMPie software for the retail industry

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Workflow Automation Webinars

Our virtual learning series and video tutorials help you keep up with the latest industry trends.

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Our Portfolio

Intelligent Solutions for a Transforming World

Xerox Support Resources

Need help or want to learn more?

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Workflow Forum

Discuss questions and answers about workflow products in a peer-to-peer format.

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Professional Services

Consulting and customer training to help your staff operate at its peak.

Workflow Software Insights